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40th Anniversary Edition Hardcover 

This is the Iguana Comics exclusive varaint edition and is limited to only 50 copies! Each book is signed and numbered by Jeff Egli and ships with a 3D glasses, vinyl sticker, mini print and an origial Cherry nude sketch by Jeff! (5"x7")


This book consists of 22 issues from the original Adults Only Cherry comics run that ended a satisfying arc of Cherry's original adventures. Of course this is when the publisher shuttered... Most of the later issues contained in this book have not been seen by readers in any form for quite some time. Even the long out of print 'Cherry Collection' books (which only contained 4 issues each) are super rare and cost AS MUCH AS THIS ENTIRE BOOK

Clocking in at a massive 624 pages, the '40th Anniversary Hardcover Edition' has it all!

Underground Comics Legend Larry Welz (born November 21, 1948), is an American cartoonist, who created Cherry Poptart (now known simply as Cherry). He was an early contributor to the underground comics movement in the San Francisco area during the late 1960s and early 1970s. His creation, Cherry, has graced Anti-Censorship campaigns, Album Covers, Action Figures, and even inspired Street Artists.

  (Mature audiences only)

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